Payment methods In our online store, you can repay your order by choosing one of the following ways:

A) By cash on delivery We give you the opportunity to pay for your order upon receipt of the products, to the employee of the courier company. Note: For cash on delivery there is an additional cost of 2 euros.

B) By deposit in a bank account If you choose the bank deposit as a method of payment, you proceed to deposit the value of the order in the account of gocarpets.gr and then its execution begins. Note: In order to avoid delays, it is necessary for the name of the depositor and the order number to be written on the proof of deposit as a reason. When you complete your order and choose to pay by deposit, the products are committed to you until the payment process is completed. If for any reason your order is not paid within 4 working days, it is automatically canceled. Note: In case of a deposit from another bank account, the transaction costs are borne entirely by the depositor.

C) Payment by credit card You can pay online through the redirect system of PIRAEUS BANK. All known cards such as american express, Visa, Mastercard are supported. The web server that hosts the eCommerce – Redirect service works with 128 bit SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). Using the SSL protocol ensures that all information transferred between client (user web browser) and server (PayCenter) is encrypted and can not be intercepted. In order for the customer of the online store to complete his purchase, he is taken to the secure site of PayCenter, where he enters his credit card details.